Saturday, March 21, 2009

which type of arthritis?

48 years old hypertensive male who was on thiazide presented to GP with multiple swelling & joint pain. He also noticed to develop small whitish spots on his ears (A). H&E stain was done.

Name this small whitish spots.

What is the suspected disease in this patient?

Give 3 risk factors in this patient.
Old age (40-50 years old)
Male preponderance
Drugs: Thiazide

What are 2 possible mechanisms for the above condition in (2).
Increase urate production
Reduce urate excretion

Describe B.
Gouty tophi which is characterized by urate crystals surrounded by fibroblast & inflammatory cells.

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Anonymous said...

salam... how thiazide cause underexcretion of uric acid????
lg satu... ada x changes in ecg pattern utk hyperK?? n cause lain yg leh menyebabkan pathological q wave yg dlm trial DI aritu?? (yg ni x da kaintan ngan gout ek :))


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