Sunday, March 15, 2009



normal aka sinus rhythm

  • P wave precedes QRS wave
  • therefore,num of P wave equals with QRS wave
  • PR intervals-normal

sinus rhythm

sinus tachycardia

  • rate:fast(300/3=100 beats per minute)
  • the rest normal

    sinus tachycardia

P wave

  • wide and bifid P wave-in left atrial hypertrophy(might be due to mitral stenosis)
  • peak/tall P wave-in right atrial hypertrophy(might be due to tricuspid valve stenosis)
QRS wave
i.its duration is no greater than 0.12 sec
ii.In a right ventricular lead (V1) the S wave is greater than the R wave
iii.In left ventricular leads (V5 or V6) the height of R wave is less than 25mm
iv.Left ventricular leads may show Q waves due to septal depolarization, but these are less than 1mm across and less than 2mm deep
v.R in V6 plus S in V1 less than 35mm
right ventricular hypertrophy
-tall R wave in V1 and deep S-wave in V6
left ventricular hypertrophy
-deep S wave in V1 and tall R wave in V6



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