Sunday, March 15, 2009


recall the normal ECG
  • P wave-depolarization of atrium (time-<0.12s,amplitude-0.5-2.5mm)
  • QRS wave-depolarization of ventricle(time-<0.12s,amplitude-1.2-20mm)
  • T wave-repolarization of ventricle(time-0.1-0.25s,amplitude<5mm)
  • PR interval-time from depolarization of atrium to the ventricle(0.12-0.2s)
  • QT interval-ventricular activity(depolarization n repolarization)
  • ST segment-time between end of ventricular depolarization and beginning of repolarization(time<0.2s)

normal heart rate:60-100 beats per minute
count from ECG;from R-R
  • 1500/num of small box between R-R
  • 300/num of large box between R-R

each small box-0.04 seconds,each large box-0.2 seconds.therefore,in 60 seconds,there are 1500 small boxes,and 300 large boxes.

from the ecg,between R-R,there are 5 large boxes.therefore,the heart rate is 300/5=60 beats per minute

if patient is having irregular rhythm,count the num of R-R interval in 30 large boxes,then times 10,the result is the heart rate.

p/s:part seterusnya akan dipostkan nanti,nak cari gmbr ecg dulu.khatam basic ye=p

-adam al anas-



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