Tuesday, May 12, 2009

when an old man vomits...

Michael, 70 years old man presented to HUSM complaining of vomiting for five days. Blood sample was taken, and arterial blood gases were done. These investigations showed that the patient had hypokalaemia, hypochloremia, and hyperuremia. ABG showed pH of 7.40, pCO2 of 48mmHg, HCO3- of 28mEq/L and pO2 of 69mmHg.
  • State his:
  1. Electrolyte status. (2m)
  2. Acid-base status. (2m)
  • ii- Explain your answers. (2m)
  • iii- Describe the acid-base compensation in this patient. (4m)

So, you have to bear in mind about the algorithm posted by Azizi and Mawardi.. please go through the algorithm back coz it's quite easy to be understood!!!

Don't vomit after looking at these bunches of questions posted!!!




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