Friday, May 8, 2009

bioethics 1... is it important?

Ah Chong came to the hospital. He had a heart attack, and was admitted to Coronary Care Unit(CCU). He had a very poor prognosis. The patient requested to the doctor that the information cannot be disclosed to anyone and is only limited to himself.
  • Name the most appropriate ethical issue in this situation (2m)
  • If you were the doctor in charged, would you tell his wife as the wife came and approached you? (1m)
  • State the reason for your action in ii. (2m)

Have you ever thought that you might come across this kind of situation later on in your life as a doctor? Well, this might occur soon. the possibility is 0.5. Still a big proportion. Answer this and you can determine whether you can think maturely or not. Happy answering!!!




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