Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spinal cord-bhg 1

This Picture show cross section of spinal cord. Labelled A-J.

A: Fasciculus Gracilis, B: Lateral white column, C:Posterior root ganglion, D: Ventral root, E:Posterior/median sulcus, F:Anterior horn cell, G: Posterior horn cell, H: Fasciculus cuneatus, I: Central canal, J: anterior white column

Name one tract that pass A and state its function

Posterior column tract – discriminative touch, vibratory sense, conscious ms joint sense

Name one tract that pass B and state its function

Lateral spinothalamic tract – pain and temperature
Posterior spinocerebellar tract – ms joint sense to cerebellum Lateral corticospinal tract – voluntary motor activity

Name one tract that pass J and state its function

Anterior spinothalamic tract – light touch and pressure

State blood supply of spinal cord, its origin and the area they supply

Anterior spinal artery (x1) – arise from vertebral artery ,supply ant 2/3 spinal cord
Posterior spinal artery (x2) - arise from vertebral a. or Post inferior cerebellar a. (PICA), supply post 1/3 of spinal cord



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