Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stridor & Wheezing

Figure 1: Cross-sectional anatomy of the airway from mouth to alveoli. Structures located above the chest cavity compose the upper airway. Those structures within the chest cavity are considered part of the lower airway.

Stridor is a noise heard on inspiration and is caused by the narrowing of the extrathoracic upper airway.

In extrathoracic obstruction, pressure distal to the point of obstruction will become -ve in order to overcome the airway resistance. Thus, the airways will collapse. So, during the inspiration, there will be increase in turbulence of air moving through the obstructed airways. Thus, this produces audible sound during inspiration called STRIDOR.

Wheezing is a whistling-like sound and is caused by the narrowing of the intrathoracic airway.

In intrathoracic airway obstruction, intrapleural pressure will become more positive during expiration because of the air trapped inside. So, there will be collapse of the intrathoracic airways. When air is expired out, it will pass through this collapsed airways. Thus, producing WHEEZING sound during expiration.


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ibu bimbang said...

normal ke stridor ni doktor? anak saya umur 7 minggu, tp saya tak suka cara die bernafas.. kuar btol bunyi nyer.. apa yg harus saya lakukan doktor? kdg2 nampak die mcm tak dpt bernafas btol2.. ada satu masa tu die termuntah balik susu yg saya kasi. adakah ini bahaya doktor? apakah yg boleh buat keadaaan anak saya mcm ni?

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