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Tips for Posting

Assalamualaikum and greetings to everyone, apa khabar semua di kampus? Semoga bersedia dengan semangat baru untuk menghadapi hari-hari mendatang dalam 4th year nanti insyaAllah.

Di sini pihak kami ingin post kan sedikit briefing tentang setiap blok. Saya yakin anda semua telah merujuk kepada pihak akademik untuk senarai nama group anda yang latest dan posting mana anda akan berada. Jika belum, sila rujuk ke pihak akademik secepat mungkin atau tanya kepada kawan-kawan sekumpulan dengan anda.

Untuk tips-tips posting di bawah, saya mengambilnya daripada facebook batchmate kita, jika nak lihat dan ingin mengenali beliau yang rajin, sila klik sini.

Saya copy and paste with some editing. Selamat membaca dan diharapkan kita semua dapat membuat persediaan sewajarya untuk 4th year. InsyaAllah, all will be fine.

Tips-tips Posting Phase 3

Medical posting
  • this is the posting related to most number of things we learn in the past.
  • and we have to flashback in this 6 weeks, luckily mostly dr will not failed ppls in this posting (based on previous statistic)
  • got log book but no need complete one, depend on own supervisor (1 0r 2 ppls with 1 doctor)
  • exam is one short case and 1 long case (only few dr wil really examine both, some just give marks aft give u 1 long case)
  • books : sarawak emergencies, oxford handbook plus some protocol.
  • the very important one likes renal failure, ACS, liver failure, cardiac failure must know more detail.. must study kumar or harrison..
  • short case books likes baliga, express... read it when free to prepare short cases exam
  • dermatology read a sypnosis is enough, no need detail
  • dr will not care u if u not ask.. so alot ppls said medical is worse... no one guide posting
  • wad round better know a bit of all paitents in ur team (divide into 4 team (7 selatan and 7 utara... 2 team each)).. and if possible... only one patient is with detail history... know how dr treat its disease and monitor the progression urself
  • no slot for u to clinic

Psychiatric posting

  • easy posting
  • every morning either go seminar, clinical session or clinic
  • no oncall
  • all u need to do is finshed ur log book, few procedures, few things to witness, 10 case need to present and get signature
  • case just need a summary and present during clinic ( bef patient go into room, clerk him/her, then when his/her turn, follow him/her into room, present aft tat)
  • exam just 1 long case and 1 mcq

Neurosurgery posting

  • everyone past posting
  • just need to know basic only
  • study wat dr said is important, and all info included in the seminar.
  • exam questions. every yr and batch same, get from seniors, and u can get 100 marks haha

O&G posting

  • killer posting
  • but quite enjoy one, just exam is terribly tension
  • divide into 4 team. every team divide into gynae and obstetrics
  • everyday must reach wad around 7.30am- 8am, followed wad rounds
  • better each group member cover at least 1 patient.
  • clinic just go to get signature for clinic case presentation
  • a lot dr very eager to teach (they said team A least teach)
  • oncall need from 6pm to 6am. whole night.
  • to get 5 delivery, so, if wan fast, finished it early. then. hehe.. no need oncall until midnight aft that
  • exam is long case and mcq
  • long case is.... u only know who is ur examiner and ur patient on that day of exam.... u will be given 1 hour to clerk and do the PE.... then present to dr and discuss....
  • for books... finished ya hui notes, finished labour suite... then ten teachers as much as u can... management can read guidelines by RCOG green-top or NICE

Paediatric posting

  • tough posting
  • no wad rounds... just go there morning.. study case on ur own...
  • when u saw dr free... can try present case to them.. no matter they r specialist or MO ( u all need present at least 5 cases)
  • got alot wad (6s, 6U, NICU, ...).. and division of subgroup is depend ur leader
  • PE and history got its own methods.. wil teach when reach tat posting
  • a lot dr willing to teach...if u ask
  • for books, read sunflowers paediatrics and malaysia protocol for paediatrics
  • for more detail can read nelson paediatrics (if got times and interested)
  • exam same as o&g, 1 longcase+ mcq)

Surgery posting

  • log book posting (cuz finshed log book almost same as pass tis posting)
  • they wil give 2 log books.
  • 1st book- got procedure, surgery need to witness, some case. all got its quata. finshed it off and get signature.
  • signature no need worry.. got few dr can sign for u all.
  • 2nd book.... u have to look for 60 short case... mean u have to get a short history and examine 60 patients.. then write down in the book.... but sure at the end end up copy each others.... u can copy folder as u wish.
  • exam only 1 mcq. (pharmaco exam need to pass in tis posting.. but mostly will pass one)
  • for books.. too complicated... u all refer others sections tat i wrote previously.

Orthopaedics posting

  • divide into 6 team (sport team, paediatric team, arthro team (for joint), OORU team (bone & soft tissues tumour), hand team, and trauma team (for multi-trauma case))
  • every team handle different patients
  • but the common cases like bone fracutre and diabetic foot can be in any teams
  • no rotation for each team... (in same team for 6 weeks)
  • recommend.. arrange ur own time, go to expose others teams.... see how they treat patients
  • morning follow wad round.. then go clinic.. sometimes go OT (may need ask when got OT and get permission from dr wana go in to see)
  • exam is long case and mcq....
  • u will get examiner from other team...
  • books... apley, dr imran notes, and dr khoo notes...

Ophtalmo posting

  • alot of lectures and seminar
  • morning go clinic... (filled up log books.. see 20 patients eyes using ophtalmoscope)
  • no need go wad
  • if urself don hav ofthalmoscope.. can borrow.. ask stuff in clinic..or ask juniors. sharing a ofthalmoscope may be difficult)
  • oncall is just a registrar (final yr postgrad) teach u all in wad only
  • exam mcq+ see picture answer questions + shot case
  • finshed lectures notes of ofthalmology is enough
  • can borrow a book named kanski ofthamology as reference if u think not enough

ENT posting

  • same as ofthalmo
  • but no oncall
  • no need go wad
  • til now can't find a really good books

Paediatric posting

  • firstly, divided into 4 groups. first 2 groups in wad 6s. then 1 group in wad 6U. and the last group in wad 2 nilam and NICU.
  • due to dr asked us emphasize on 6s cases. most cases will come out in exam... so, those 4 subgroups must rotate until lastly. go to 6s 4 weeks, 6u 1 week, and 2 nilam & NICU 1 week and every students must oncall 7 times in 6 weeks. and every wad should have ppl.
  • but oncall very eng one-- clerk a case (case tat admit on tat day), then wait for the specialist to come and we follow wad rounds.. if got chance present the case to dr. all procedure we cannot do one.. can observed only, cuz kids are too fragile, we must wait til another posting then only can

Medical posting

  • in 7s and 7u, each wad got 2 team handle patients... and every team have 1 specialist...
  • in board or folder got wrote either the patients belong to team A or team B...
  • Due to this division, we also divide into 4 subgroup...
  • division of group mostly are 1st half go to 7s and another half into 7u.... then the half divide half again to team A and team B...
  • during wad round, u all follow ur own team
  • but bear in mind that, medical posting is a posting does not have well- planned schedule...
  • oncall lists have to build by ur own leaders...
  • and clinical teaching sometimes divide into 2 subgroups, sometimes into 3 subgroups, sometimes into 4 subgroups....
  • better each types of division got its own leaders to contact dr... if not sure become very messy


“Dan apabila hamba-hamba- Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka sesungguhnya Aku dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi-Ku, dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran.” (Q.s. al-Baqarah: 186).



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